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June 2023

We Need Your Support!

THANK YOU for your past support and monetary donation to All In Mentoring! Because of you, we’ve been able to serve more than 30 youth in the Waverly-Shell Rock School District in the last 14 months. Our mentees report feeling cared about, feeling special, and having someone to talk to about their struggles. In addition, throughout the 2022-2023 school year, our mentees have:

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The impact AIM mentors make is amazing (be sure to check out Kelly & Jacob’s story below)! To continue our impact and reach our goal, we need to secure $15,000 in operational funding (in addition to grants received). CAN WE COUNT ON YOU? 100% of your contribution will:

help recruit mentors and mentees

provide the due diligence necessary to make safe, quality matches

support matches as they develop life-changing relationships

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution! We also invite you to pass this email along to a friend, colleague, or family member who values mentoring like you do. Once again, THANK YOU for your support of AIM!

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Kelly and Jacob's Story

Jacob with Robotics Cubelets
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Kelly and Jacob have been meeting weekly during the school year since October 2022. They enjoy building with Legos, playing with STEM activities from the Waverly Public Library, and doing craft projects. At their first meeting, they each answered questions about themselves to help get to know each other. Jacob enjoyed the question cards so much, the match continued answering one question a week when they were together. One week in early spring, the question was "what is a goal you have?". Jacob got teary-eyed and responded he would like to return to his home school. Jacob has been at the Lied Center for nearly 2 years. After sharing his goal with Kelly, she helped him find out what he needs to achieve to get back to his elementary school. Kelly is also providing him the support and encouragement he needs to achieve this goal. The last few weeks of the school year, Jacob was able to attend a few classes at his home school to start the transition.

Jacob and Kelly have both told our Executive Director that they look forward to Mondays because they get to see each other. Jacob actually said he used to feel like Garfield on Mondays, but "now, I like Mondays because I get to see Kelly".

Support Levels

AIM Guardian - Each one-time gift or recurring pledge totaling $1,000 fully supports one child and their adult mentoring relationship for one (1) year.

AIM Defender - Each one-time gift or recurring pledge totaling $500 helps support the recruitment of caring adults to serve as mentors and their training for one year.

AIM Advocate - Each one-time gift or recurring pledge totaling $250 helps our Executive Director and Board of Directors attend necessary program training for one year.

AIM Supporter - Each one-time gift or recurring pledge totaling $100 helps support our operational costs associated with liability insurance, match management software fees and general program support.

AIM Mentor - Each mentor is priceless and helps change the world one child at a time. Please consider joining our team as a mentor.

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Donations can be made through our website, can be sent to PO Box 260, Waverly IA 50677 or you can donate below using PayPal.

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Many companies will support causes that are important to their employees by matching their employees' charitable contributions. Check with your employer to see if they would be willing to match your donation to AIM. This is an easy way to double your impact!

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