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Spring 2023 Newsletter

First Match Reaches 1 Year Anniversary


Mentee, Adyn, and his mentor, Noel Fry, were AIM's very first match. They have been meeting together, weekly, since February 10, 2022. We asked them a few questions about their time together over the last year and why AIM is important:

What is your favorite activity to do together?

Board Games & Legos

What is your favorite part of your mentoring relationship?

Adyn: Having a fun time with someone that has time to talk.

Noel: Getting to get to know a really cool guy!

Why should people get involved in AIM?

Adyn: AIM can help normally shy kids meet new people and open up to have good times!

Noel: It truly makes a difference in people's life!

Mentoring Panel Event

To celebrate National Mentoring Month in January, AIM invited mentors and the community to join together for a fun night of coffee, socializing, and learning through a Mentoring Panel at Get Roasted Coffee Company. The panelists included mentors of seven plus years, leaders of former mentoring programs in the area, and someone who had studied mentoring in graduate school. Questions were asked about AIM, mentoring stereotypes, and suggestions of how to handle specific situations with mentees.

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Does Your Company Provide Matching Gifts?

Many companies will support causes that are important to their employees by matching their employees' charitable contributions. Check with your employer to see if they would be willing to match your donation to AIM. This is an easy way to double your impact!

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Upcoming Events

Fun Fair logo

Bremer County Community Partner's Family Fun Fair

AIM will have a booth and game at the Family Fun Fair at the WSR Middle School on April 15, 11am-1pm! Come see us for some fun and to learn about all the great agencies and resources in our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are your mentors trained and supported?

Every volunteer who applies to be a mentor attends a training before they are matched with a mentee. The initial training covers topics such as communication skills, agency policies, and childhood trauma and abuse. Subsequent training is also offered quarterly for mentors who wish to continue learning. These trainings are optional.

Mentors are also continually supported by AIM staff. Staff contact each mentor monthly to see how the match is progressing and if any additional support or guidance is needed. We want the experience of mentoring to be beneficial and enjoyable for both the mentees and the mentors!

Who are your mentors?

58% female

42% male

15% 18-34 years old

35% 35-54 years old

50% 55 and older

73% employed

23% retired

4% college student

85% reside in Waverly

4% reside in Shell Rock

12% reside in surrounding towns (Janesville, Cedar Falls)

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